Sunday, November 8, 2015

Why hasn't i write for so long.

Why hasn't i wrote anything in my blog over the past year or so, is that it's been quite a year, or so or so for me and my family.

The downfall of my logistic company, the days during its closure, the feeling of hopelessness as i see years of effort turned to dust.
The return in going back to what I can do best and done since my early childhood years, the art of Butchery, one that i will always be proud of, and a heritage been taught upon my siblings by our family. The little nooks and crany of the trade that few in the world knows about.
The uneventful event of my dear father being diagnosed with cancer and the toils the family go through, and his slow walk to recovery to a happy man.
The time i had to return to help out in the family farm and start over again.
The lost of my dearest Nicco the rottweiler, my favourite doggy, made me super sad:(
As bad as those sounds its actually not that bad.
Moreover all through these trying times I've spend and gain great memories with my lovely wife, yes, throughout those events did we got married and registered as an official couple.

I've been exercising less and less, but that's about to change, it ought to.

So why? I just don't feel like writing all these in my blog till now.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kuching Marathon-17082014

*Delayed Publishing*
Today marks the day I completed another half marathon, that's 21km.
Started slightly earlier than Spring's Liverun held in June, the runners for Kuching Marathon 21km division flags off at 5.00am. The route is more or less the same as Liverun's but with some small tweaks to include more elevations, making it more challenging.

Unlike Liverun, it should be noted that Kuching Marathon is not for charity and has a more competitive nature, helding cash money of 15,000 ringgit for the 42km full marathon for it 1st prize alone.

This year I ran with my girlfriend, and to be honest it is much less arduous and mich less boring whem you run with friend/s. Not forgetting the extra motivation from the company.
It is because of this very reason that I was able to push myself further harder this marathon. And finally I was able to finish it less than 3 hours.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The day she said yes.

Months in the making, hours after hours of staying up in bed thinking about the moments that led up to a new beginning, a new chapter in our lives.
The day you says yes to my proposal.
With your hand in marriage in mind I did when we first started to go on our dates. And ever so often did I wonder how our moment would be like when I finally proposed to you, well that moment is today 20 September 2014.
With the great help enlisted from my wonderful friends, we create special moments and coupled along with several hints just for her before I kneel down on one knee. With my face flushing red as pepper (partly from the wine), my trembling voices, I asked her to marry me.
The night is pretty casual, the usual date night turned friends gathering, only that our buddies appearing as actors and actress playing along the plan and improvise for the stuffs that went sideways.
So we appear at the venue late, and hungry.
There's the roses only on the table we're sitting at. This is when you sat not where we planned. But no big deal.
Amidst waiting for dinner to come our favourite songs are aired in the background, to be honest I was quite worried that you'd notice my motives then and there. But although my heart is beating so fast I can barely breath you didn't make a big fuss out of it.
Then came the pizza which is presented in a Heart shape which piqued your interest too.
Afterthat the last part of our act begins, right after we ordered dessert the lights at our section went out and they lit up some candles for our table.
Then the finale songs came up, you stood up and pick up the bag with flowers in it while you looked at me with full curiosity,  good thing our buddies distracted you and gave me some precious seconds to compose myself before walking over to the table with the flower.
What happens next is something, unless my memory fails me, shall be remembered that moment for rhe rest of my life. Your face also flushing with redness, gave me several nods, maybe because you're as overwhelmed as I am before you finally reply and said "Yes I do".
Without my friends and the helpful hosts of Big Oven I would never have pulled all these off. Here I'd like to thank you all for this lifetime experience. Thank you soso much everyone.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Gunung Gading Revisited - Rafflesia.

Of all the recent work, I find myself freed for today on a Public holiday with only minimal task.
So did I join on a trip to Gunung Gading, which is situated in the Lundu district of Sarawak about 2 hours drive from 3rd Mile to catch the precious moment when a Raffesia flower is in full bloom somewhere in the jungle.

Some information on the flower.
Rafflesia is the world's largest flower. It is actually parasitic, rooting itself in certain vines throughout the jungle. That's a parasite

1st dance ever. if it counts.

Of all the years I had lived. On this day, the 16 September 2014 is the first time I ever danced, with a partner doing a ballroom dance called Jive.
See girlfriend invited me to join in on her studio's performance this year so comes about 2 months time it will also be the first time I dance on a stage. Quite nerve wrecking when that comes to mind. It's my first experience though Gf has had many of thes performance.
So far that's our only practice but we can expect our irregular date nighta
s to be filled with extra practice.

So comments...
I've been practicing martial art for some time but find the dancing nowhere any easier for me. All the while I'm staring at my feets and the whole body would we stiff, and if I look straight into her eyes my legs stutters. Which is actually quite sad to bear with.

But this is a great experience for both of us. So I am going to enjoy the practice as much as I can😆

Friday, July 25, 2014

Stray vs Home-raised cat.

Ami was more than 1 year old when we brought her home and made her our official cat.
She is my 1st adopted-from-stray cat and  I would love to share some of the differences she has on her compare to those homegrown cats I owned before.

When she was still wandering around our meat shop, we take to her friendly nature and gave her fresh raw grounded meat for breakfast while the neighbor supply her with daily fish, not bad for a stray cat I'd say. Eventually that leads to her breeding in our shop twice a year, all the while staying with us and never leave the vicinity of her supplier shops. These time spent with us made her closer and much fonder of us. During her 2nd batch of litter with us, probably due to her increased weight the delivery didnt go well and we took her to a vet to get help. (We prepared a box in a dark quiet corner for her but after awhile she jumps out from the corner dragging her kitten still wrap with the womb and umbilical cord, we cant just leave her like that.)
3 months later the same thing is about to be repeated but this time we decided to sterile her before she can mate again. Then comes the long story of how she move between home and shop in our car every other morning till she finally settle down at a warm corner of our home ( beside the exhaust of our fridge) sleeping half her days away.

Ami is therefore well trained in several aspects in which gives her the characteristics of an independent stray cat way.
For one, she can defend herself against most dogs, she'll run away but she doesn't freak out like a crazy cat when she sees our dogs.

Probably because she had to live with the climate sometimes she didn't get into the shop when we close, she doesn't mind getting wet at all and I once saw her napping while it drizzle outside.

Another thing would be her gourmet side. Being accustomed to the varieties of food available at the shop bazaar, heavily seasoned food drives her crazy and she would begs for them. We give in mostly but only share with her small bite of the stuff. So far we know she likes, Roasted Pork, Braised meat, Fried food, and most human food. (The Salty Dog!)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Biking joy.

Recently a friend of mine decided to give up the unhealthy lifestyle of not exercising, he then went and got himself a bicycle so train he could ride to be healthy.
And coincidentally I got a free bike too and decided to not let it go to waste rusting at the side, so we jumped on our bikes, turn on our songs and ride down some short distance to our secondart school, not forgetting to stop by at the dearest home for a quick break and showoffs.
Then the way back as changed as we did a circuit throught the old school and got home sweaty and happy, really sweaty. 

That feels so good, we gonna do it again next week.